How to Install PHP 5.6 with Suhosin on CentOS 7

How to Install PHP 5.6 with Suhosin on CentOS 7

Install Epel Repos for CentOS 7


sudo rpm -Uvh epel-release-7*.rpm

Install IUS repo


sudo rpm -Uvh ius-release.rpm<

Install yum-plugin-replace

yum –y install yum-plugin-replace

Install PHP 5.6

yum -y replace php-common --replace-with=php56u-common

Patch PHP with Suhosin 0.9.38

cd /tmp

wget -nv -O

unzip -q

rm -f

cd suhosin-suhosin-0.9.38

phpize &> /dev/null

./configure &> /dev/null

make &> /dev/null

make install

cd ..

rm -rf suhosin-suhosin-0.9.38

Verify PHP and Suhosin

php -v

Scam of the Week: August 15, 2016

There are two Social Security scams you need to watch out for at the moment.

The first one is where you receive an official-looking email from the Social Security Administration with an invite to create an account so you can receive your benefits. You land on a webpage where the scammers hope you will fill out all your confidential information. Don’t fall for it. Never click on links in any of these emails. If you want to sign up for a My Social Security Account go directly to

The second scam is where the bad guys actually create an account for someone, and redirect the payments to a bank account controlled by them, not the victim. To prevent this from happening, create your own MySSA account with a strong username and password. This is similar to filing your tax return early before the bad guys file a bogus return and steal your refund.

Another security measure I recommend is that when you create your MySSA account, go to the settings and choose the option that any changes to the bank account into which your check is electronically deposited only be done physically at a Social Security branch office and not using your online account.

Think before you click!
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July 30th, 2016 Scam of The Week

There is a current email phishing scam going on where you get an official-looking email forwarded by your ISP, which states you have violated HBO copyrights and illegally downloaded Game of Thrones.

The email has a link to a website where they say you can pay the fine. Don’t fall for it. The message was sent by cybercriminals and they would get any money you pay. 

In general, it’s a bad idea to illegally download shows and movies for two reasons. First, you are indeed violating copyrights which can turn out to be very expensive when you get sued. Second, the websites promising these downloads are often compromised and infect your computer with all kinds of malware. 

If you receive such a notice and want to verify if this is for real or not,  contact the real IP-Echelon directly which you can do here:

Remember: Think Before You Click!

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